Fiji is more or less a bucket list destination for any surfer on the planet. If you’re obsessed with riding waves, then at some point you’ve likely dreamed of leaving everything behind, getting as deep into the wave-rich South Pacific and as far away from the real world as you possibly can. Living in nothing but a pair of trunks or your bikini with perfect barrels serving as the only form of shade you need sounds good to me.

It’s cheesy. But it’s the dream. And Fiji is always very, very high on that list of places we think of falling off the map. It’s a country of more than 300 islands somewhere between New Zealand and Samoa, which is more or less the best way to describe just how remote it is. And one of those 300 islands, Malolo Island, just off the coast of Viti Levu, has the country’s newest resort. And technically, it wasn’t built as a surf getaway…it just turns out it was probably the perfect place for one.

“It’s a family destination where you can sneak out for waves. It’s not a surf resort — it’s just a place where you can find great waves,” Anthony Marcotti, director of World Wave Expeditions, told The Inertia. “My favorite time is October through January.” In all, the boutique destination features 26 villas with private pools, restaurants, a nanny service, a spa, and a list of other amenities that would fill out a five-star resort that hosts just over 100 people.

According to Six Senses Fiji website, it is in fact branded as a destination for family and romantic getaways with all the frills to serve that crowd. Now, why or how is it a surfer’s dream? Because a 20-minute boat ride from the resort are Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Namotu Left, and a laundry list of Fiji’s best waves, which is also convenient considering the brand new resort was built with all its residences surrounding a marina. So while the Six Senses wasn’t built for surfers, the surf expedition company World Wave Expeditions, was smart enough to recognize a good thing and enable easy access to one of Fiji’s finest resources: perfect waves.

Photo: World Waves Expeditions

Some of us are lucky. We can go on surf trips with our friends or on our own as we please. Some of us are lucky enough to have a significant other who surfs just as much as we do and finding waves are an automatic part of every trip. Others, however, have a better half with zero interest in surfing, or maybe even kids that require the attention of a responsible adult — all things that absolutely kill chances of getting barreled. If you’re in the latter group, I wouldn’t exactly call a luxury resort that’s a stone’s throw from Cloudbreak a “compromise,” but you’re certainly welcome to build your pitch around that.

Photo: World Wave Expeditions