If you don't know how to transport your surfboards by car to the spot, in this article we will show you 3 possible ways to do it. Watch out for the first one, which could get you a fine.

1. Transport the boards inside the car

A very used mode of transport, because it is fast and cheap, as long as the police do not stop you.

Begins by laying down the co-pilot's front seat, then introduces the boards through the boot, with the tail in front, leaning on the front seat. The tail rests on the board, at the level of the passenger seat feet, so as to place the board as far forward as possible. Fix the boards with the safety belt, so that they do not move unexpectedly at each roundabout.

Attention: it is totally forbidden by the highway code to carry your boards in this way. It is forbidden to carry bulky objects inside a passenger vehicle, and that can be worth a fine. Even if everyone has already done it, we prefer to warn you.

2. Transporting boards on rigid roof racks

You need rigid bars compatible with your car, roof bar protectors, and fixing straps.

Start by placing the foam guards on the roof bars, place your boards on the bars, the nose facing down and towards the front of the car, and centered well.

Then use the straps to secure the boards. Pass a strap under the bar, then over the boards, and tighten the strap tightly, strong enough to hold the straps securely in place, but not too hard not to crush the rails.

With the piece of strap, you have left, tie a knot around the bar and keep the rest inside the car. Start again with the second strap.

Be careful not to overtighten the straps so as not to damage the boards. This is a very reliable way to carry your surfboards, which does not occupy space inside the vehicle, but relatively expensive due to the price of the roof bars. It also takes some time to assemble and disassemble the bars, as it is not recommended to leave them permanently, as they increase the fuel consumption of the car.

3. Transport the boards on the roof with a flexible roof rack

If your car does not have rigid bars or you do not want to invest, you can use a flexible rack, also called a soft rack, to transport your boards on the roof of the car.

They consist of a foam part that is placed on the roof of the car thanks to straps that pass inside the vehicle, and another set of straps that is used to fix the boards on this same foam part.

Start by placing the foam part on the roof, well centered, passes the straps inside the vehicle, and serves strong. Place the boards on the foams, and with the other set of strap fixes the boards to the gallery. Center the boards well and check that the assembly is fixed to the roof.

It's very reliable, you can go on the highway without problems, and travel thousands of miles without the boards moving.

This is the option with the best cost/time ratio for installation. It is easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, the galleries are available in a single version to transport between 1 and 3 boards, and in double version to transport up to 6 boards. It is also a very good solution if you travel by plane but go to rent a car on the spot. Just put the soft racks in your surf bag, and mount them on arrival on your rental car.

All the major surf brands offer a soft rack model, you will find some starting at 50€.

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