A surfer who is attacked by a shark, it remains rare, but unfortunately not new. However, if the surfer in question has already been attacked by a bear and a rattlesnake, we can ask ourselves questions. 
This improbable series has however arrived to Dylan McWilliams during the last three years.

10 days ago the native of Colorado, took advantage of his trip on Kaui to take some waves when he felt a blow in his leg. He manages to kick what was probably a tiger shark over 2m long and returns to shore. More fear than harm, Dylan gets away with seven stitches.

His feelings? He simply found it less painful than the time he woke up with his head in the mouth of a 130kg bear. He had to hit the bear in the eye to make him let go. 9 stitches this time...

The series had started 3 years ago when a rattlesnake bit him on a hike. With such a "record", Dylan should quickly join the man struck 7 times by lightning at Guiness Book of Records.

For Dylan, National Geographic did the math, there was only one chance in 893 billion to be attacked by these 3 animals.

McWilliams is one of the unluckiest men in the world... or the luckiest if you consider that he got away with it every time... But this young hothead doesn't seem determined to give up his passion for adventure and big space, he will leave again!

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