You are probably more familiar with the term "poser ", which is used in other sports like skateboarding. It means "someone who claims to be someone he is not", and/or "someone who tries to be included in a group, but with exaggeration" (definitions from the urban dictionary).
We're here to explain "what a Kook is, and how to decrease the chances of being one." To do this, you can start by learning the ethics of surfing, choosing appropriate surf spots for your level, and choosing the right equipment.

So... what's a Kook?

Surfers have their own word for a " poser ". They call them "Kooks". We don't know exactly why they use a different word, but one reason could be that the Kook is worse than the "ask". When the "poser" only makes a fool of himself in the skatepark by pretending that he knows how to skate, he usually does not interfere in the pleasure of other riders. In fact, it helps pleasure, it helps everyone to laugh.

Just being a beginner surfer doesn't make you a "Kook". Surfers can be "Kooks" at different levels, as they may have an exaggerated idea of their surfing experience. An intermediate surfer who surfs an expert spot when the waves exceed 20 feet, with the wrong equipment, will quickly be identified as a "Kook".

Surfing is different. Surfers have to share the ocean and the waves. This is how the "Kook" can interfere with the pleasure of other surfers around him if he knows nothing about surfing ethics and if he surfs in conditions too difficult for his level. It can make surfing sessions dangerous for him and surfers around. So here it is, our "home" definition of a "Kook":

"A surfer who has an exaggerated perception of his surfing skills. His lack of experience, especially in surfing ethics, usually interferes with the enjoyment of other surfers in the water.