Lazy on the sand and summer dip lovers, go your way: it's now about the biggest and most dangerous waves around the world. 

Here are 5 of the deadliest waves in the world:

1- Banzai Pipeline

Located on the North Shore, the Pipeline wave is undoubtedly the deadliest wave. The powerful right, and left Backdoor, break close to the beach on a shredded reef.

In recent years, Pipeline has taken the lives of a significant number of surfers, such as bodyboarder Joshua Nakata in March 2008, Puerto Rican Joaquin Velilla in January 2007, photographer Jon Mozo in February 2005, Tahitian surfer Malik Joyeux in December 2005 or Japanese Moto Watanebe in January 2004. Just recently, Evan Geiselman, who nearly drowned, Owen Wright and his concussion or Bede Durbidge and his fractured pelvis were the victims of the most dangerous spot in the world.

In all logic, these are not the most dangerous big days at Pipeline but those where the swell takes quickly and the waves dig inside. Despite the reputation of the spot, it remains one of the most visited in the world. According to Gerry Lopez, "We're always on the alert at Pipeline, always hesitant because we never really have control."

2- Mavericks 

In northern California, the ice spot of Mavericks which generates a wave 3km from the coast is as dangerous by its power as by the white sharks which wander in the depths of the ocean.

In 1994, the wave is responsible for the disappearance of the legendary Hawaiian big wave rider Mark Foo, then in 2011 of Sion Milosky. After these accidents, surfer Mike Parsons comes to the conclusion that at low tide, the wave tends to keep surfers underwater for a longer, and therefore fatal, time.

3- Waimea Bay

At the end of the Kamehameha Highway from Pipeline hides the Waimea Bay worldclass break, a reference in big wave surfing for nearly 40 years where the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational takes place when the waves exceed 7 meters. And like all the spots on this list, Waimea has had its share of tragedies starting with the death of Dickie Cross in 1943, or Donnie Solomon in 1995. Waterman Titus Kinimaka also had his femur broken in half on a nasty wipeout in 1989. Hawaiian Dennis Pang confirms the violence of the Waimea wave: "A Pipeline when you are held under water it is white, in Sunset it is grey, in Waimea it is black.

4- Teahupo'o

Polynesian jewelry is no longer to be presented. Its popularity owes much to its so particular shape: the reef to Teahupoo, semicircular, suddenly dives to create this unstable wave.

There were 5 deaths in Teahupoo until the year 2000. In 2001, Briece Taera was projected on the reef while riding a wave of more than 4 meters. He broke his neck and back in three places, went into a coma and died two days later.

 5- Dungeons

Located on the South African coast near Hout Bay, Cape Town, the Dungeons spot is not only feared for its right but also for its cold shark infested waters. The name Dungeons comes from the story of a place that had been held under water by two consecutive waves of more than 7 meters. The spot is accessible only by boat, better to be sure of its blow.

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