If you have a regular use of your surfboard the wax layer ends up being very thick and dirty because of the sand and friction of your suit, then it takes on a brown/grey appearance and sometimes forms patches if it has melted a little in the sun. So it's good to de-wax your board from time to time to lighten it with this unattractive wax layer. It also allows you to check the condition of your board, see if it has dents or small impacts that you hadn't noticed.


To remove wax the easiest method is to wait for a sunny day and let the wax melt in the sun, then simply scrape the softened wax with a wax comb or a wallet-sized credit card or loyalty card. In winter you can use a hair dryer to soften the wax, but be careful not to overheat the board as this can damage it. Once the dirty wax is removed, make a ball with it and make sure to put it in the garbage. For finishing and a complete cleaning of your board use essence F, easily available in the supermarket, not to risk damaging the resin. Using soaked paper towel remove any remaining wax, salt, and sand. Your board is now clean and ready to be rewaxed or sold!


Before rewaxing your board make sure that the deck is clean. Start by applying a base coat by forming a grid. Using a coat base loaf, draw diagonal lines across the width of your board, then do the same with the opposite diagonal. For a longboard or a mini malibu, you wax the whole length because you may have to move all over the board, for smaller boards such as shortboards or fish you wax only the central area, where you will stand. Once the base coat is applied, we wax the board with a wax adapted to the climate and the water temperature, we usually find 4 types of wax: Cold, Cool, Warm, Tropical. To apply the wax we will rub the wax bread on the board making small circles. Several passages may be necessary until small wax "dots" appear. During the first sessions with a new wax, it will be necessary to rewax regularly to form a sufficient layer.

To add a touch of fun you can now find perfumed waxes, colored waxes or even glitter waxes! There are also organic waxes that are not harmful to the environment, each with its own favorite wax. To keep it well avoid the heat and the sun and store it preferably in a small pocket separate from the rest of your things, cleaning the wax on the clothes is not obvious!

Now that your board is all clean it only remains to go to enjoy the summer waves!

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