We can never repeat it enough, but plastic is a real environmental problem. Each year, between 5 and 13 million tonnes are found in our oceans. By 2050, scientists now agree that there will be more waste than fish. Far from being the last to worry about the health of the oceans, surfers have decided to throw a bottle into the sea with the message: replace plastic with glass, an infinitely recyclable material.

Champions Justine Dupont and Maud Le Car are the ambassadors of this beautiful idea with the #cheertotheocean. An initiative led by Friends of Glass, following their recent study: more than 70% of Europeans would be ready to change their behavior towards the ocean. Now it's time to act!

Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu also took part in this awareness campaign on the occasion of International Ocean Day a few days ago. He joined the Friends of Glass community in a video clip featuring Charles Trenet's famous song "La Mer." 

Surfers are not the only ones alarmed by this situation. Surfrider Foundation calls on all major European cities to reduce the distribution of plastic bottles. As for the rest, the European Commission is planning a major reduction in plastic with the ban on disposable tableware by 2020.

In addition, it proposes the establishment of guidelines to raise public awareness. Remember that not so long ago, glass bottles were omnipresent in our grandparents' daily lives. Perhaps it is (surely) time to go back.