Source: Surfing Mamm Facebook Page

Live your passion between waves and kids! This is what the organization Surfing Mamm suggests. The idea? The first group of parents goes surfing while the second keeps the children on the beach, then vice versa. A first in France, worn by three Morbihan mothers.

Leslie Lavallée, Claire and Virginie Gendrot share a passion for surfing. These three friends have the same difficulty reconciling the pleasure of skiing with childcare. To remedy this, they created Surfing Mamm. First, of its kind in France, this association allows, by a rotation principle, the first to go surfing, while the others take care of the kids on the beach. And then it turns.

A practice from Australia

A practice that Claire Gendrot brought back from Australia where she lived for five years. "We want to allow as many people as possible to surf without children being a brake," she says. Based in Pluneret (Morbihan), Surfing Mamm holds its sessions on the beach of La Guérite in Plouharnel, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Children play various games on the beach while mothers slide on the wave.

Initiated by their brother, Claire and Virginie have been surfing for about fifteen years. As for Leslie, she's been there for nine years. Last month, they established a partnership with the surf school of Brittany. "Conquered by our project, the school accompanies us and allows us to organize events on its premises. Beginners and advanced, women and men can now join Surfing Mamm. "It's a giving and giving principle, I keep other people's kids and surf," concludes Leslie.

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