It is a video that has become viral on the net and in the surfing world. Koa Smith managed an amazing achievement: to chain 8 barrels to the left of Skeleton Bay for more than a kilometer. Each time, the Hawaiian managed to get out to finish his ride. Immortalized by a drone, the video went online and left us speechless. Probably the most beautiful wave ever recorded. If the swell that hit Namibia has stirred up the best surfers on the planet, none for the moment can boast of having done as well as Koa Smith.
Lucky for us, Koa gives us extra.  The surfer has planned everything and offers us a vision of the inside of what is (surely) the wave of his life. The result is breathtaking. A true journey into the heart of the wave, a wave in which the barrels follow one another as quickly as the legs burn.

Video by Koa Smith