It's a nerve-wracking video. Or reassuring, depending on how we look at it. A few days ago, Jordy Smith decided to settle a small session at his home in South Africa, on a spot located south of Durban. The presence of the champion invited Brad Mommsen, a local surfer, to film the session from the sky rather than get into the water. And maybe he did the right thing...

"Normally I surf and I don't take that kind of video. But this day I knew Jordy was in the water and I was hoping to make a little video of him on my favorite wave," Brad Mommsen told Surfer. "When I saw the first shark I said to myself 'whoa' and then I saw there were actually five of them turning around."

Were the surfers aware of the presence of these sharks? Probably. The place is known to be one of the most sharky in South Africa. Brad Mommsen said the guys in the water thought they saw a shark. That's why you can see some of them in the video leaving the water without getting up from the wave. But the director is also convinced that no surfer knew there were so many or that the sharks were so close. One can imagine then the face they made when seeing the images...

Video by Brad Mommsen

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