You watch the surf forecast three times a day? Do you feel a slight tingling in the arch of your foot? Your partner finds you on edge? No doubt you are going through an extended period of flattery and obviously you are not living it very well.

Some tips to avoid depression and hold out until the next depression (depressing pun) :

#1/ Disconnect. Stop watching the latest surf clips on YouTube or DVDs hanging around TV, you're hurting yourself for nothing. Would a guy on a diet watch Top Chef? No, or he's masochistic.

#2/ On the contrary: fill it up. Yes I know, it's the opposite of point #1, but to each his own method. If total abstinence is not your thing, live your proxy sessions by chaining videos behind your screens.

#3/ Review your fundamentals. It may be time to take stock of your technical weaknesses in order to correct them. Mentally visualize your last sessions, remember your mistakes or your friends' comments in the water, and relearn even basic figures from your repertoire. 

#4/ Inspect your equipment. Clean your old wax with F petrol, repair this grossly plugged up fart from last summer, reattach your grip, check your plugs, your drifts and your leash, caress your board, talk to it, dance with it, in short: pamper your gear. He'll give it back to you.

#5/ Make your boards beautiful again. And why not take advantage of this forced break to customize your board by putting a little color on it? Now is the time. 

#6/ Inspect your spots. Take a stand-up paddle and/or fins and a snorkel, and discover your spot. A good way to discover the seabed and the marine fauna that lives there, while becoming familiar with the place, the currents...

#7/ Be romantic. Tell him I love you every flattering day that God does, to make up for those many other days when you disappear.

#8/ Maintain your abs... or belly. Run, do push-ups and stretches to be sharpened for D-Day. The other side of the coin: it involves a few sacrifices like not going out at night, not seeing your friends as much, in short, not being very funky. OR take advantage of not having to get up early in the morning to have drinks, hang out late at night, meet people, develop your network. 

#9/ Get your life in order. You've been putting off all your obligations for weeks because of the chained sessions? Forgot to return your tax return on time and feed your hamster days ago? Has your grandmother been waiting for your visit for months? Take advantage of this break to get your life back in order and please become a good person again.

#10/ Skate. Ideal for keeping fit, working on balance, support and curves while having fun. Be careful with the gravel, at the risk of having fun for good and following the next swell from the beach with crutches.

#10 bis/ Skate AND tub. Tarp surfing can be fun, provided you have some space (parking, dead end) but also one or two friends to shake this plastic line-up. Here too, be careful not to get your wheels caught in the tarp, the bitumen is never far away. Anyway, it will give you a taste of the reef...

#11/ Work your take-off at home to keep your tone and developed... No, we laugh. Or make sure your girlfriend, roommate, mother or mates (cross out unnecessary mentions) don't catch you in the act, they might not understand. 

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