A few weeks after the Vans Duct Tape Festival in Zarautz, the good vibes continue to resonate. As soon as the event was over, the Vans family headed for The Cove. And Alex Knost, Dane Reynolds, Tanner Guduaskas and Lee-Ann Curren took advantage of a sunny day to splash around in the Wave Garden pool, nestled in the heart of the Spanish Basque Country.

A fun session

The crew did a series of tricks with the boards that they themselves had shapĂ© at the Vans Duct Tape Festival. Between small barrel and oures in turquoise water, the fine team enjoyed a beautiful session in the sun under the sign of relaxation. Not very serious, but really fun. With notably a magnificent wipe-out of Alex Knost who finishes in beauty, without board but in a crawl. What more could you ask for? 

Video By STAB

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