Somewhere on the Indian coast, a French surfer claims to have caught a wave never surfed before.

Bazile Pinel, does that name ring a bell? This young Norman is a surfer, traveler but especially talented shaper. He co-founded the Atomik Panda brand. In his video "of starfish & Pickle", he reveals images from his last trip to India. The original rendering of his video is due to "the surveillance camera optics bought for a few hundred rupees," explains Bazile. The music, the colours, the alleys and the villages, you would almost think you were there. When all of a sudden, somewhere on the Indian coast, Bazile Pinel discovers a long perfect and endless right. "I discovered a wave in India that had never been surfed before," he says. First or not, we can't say anything, but one thing is certain: he is one of the privileged.

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