A big boat passing by, a little glassy wave unrolling perfectly, and a surfer investigating five turns and a floater... It doesn't take more than that for the canvas to catch fire and everyone wants to try their hand at ferry surfing!
Yet the phenomenon is not new and neither is this wave, but we must recognize that Joao Kopke's dynamic surfing really highlights this Lusitanian wave. And yes, because if this wave remains a little less tubular than Skeleton Bay, it has the advantage of being easier to access.

Produced by the Barreiro-Lisbon ferry, this wave unfurls on the Tagus every 10 minutes when its passengers go to work in the morning. And that's important because the more the ferry is loaded, the bigger the wave will be!

#gasoline is a wave that happens due to a huge boat that takes people from #barreiro to #lisbon. Everyone that’s in the boat is going to work and the wave size that the boats generates (you have one every 10min during two hours) varies according to the number of people that are going to work. A full loaded boat generates a bigger wave! But there’s a lot of other elements to have in mind if you want to surf this river wave generated by this boats, like tides and winds... We (me and @joaokopke ) had the pleasure to be guided by Ricardo “P1”, the guy who discovered this amazing phenomenon. So, while, #portugal was in a flat spell this day, we scored perfect and long lefts in a river! And of course I had to drone it to get the best angle! #mavicpro #ridingportugal @wsl @kswaveco @tapairportugal @gasoline_acd
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