Yes, you read correctly, WSL is launching a brand new type of event: the AIR INVITATIONAL. During the Quiksilver Pro France, a special event will be set up with Josh Kerr as director. With innovation, creativity and technicality as its motto, the event will honour the influence of skateboarding in the surfing world. 18 of the best free aerial surfers in the world will be present with prestigious guests: Chippa Wilson, Filipe Toledo, Mikey Wright and Albee Layer.

"The public and surfers love the technicality and creativity of aerial surfing," explains Sophie Goldschmidt, General Manager of WSL. "Many say the future of surfing would be in the air, and WSL is happy to work with Josh to make fans' and surfers' dreams come true at a competitive event.

"The beginning of my career and my inspirations were turned towards those air vents and towards those guys who pushed the limits of surfing every time," explains Josh Kerr. "And now being part of the return of this kind of high level events in our sport is really special to me. I'm a big fan of aerials and I can't wait to watch the guys get laid in France! ». And Josh Kerr adds: "It will have nothing to do with a TB event".

Chippa Wilson, apparently very happy to finally be able to take part in this kind of event, feels the same way: "I am so happy. When I was a grom, it was my goal to be able to participate in an air show. I can't wait to see what the guys can give in the middle of the other CT surfers.

While waiting for the next stage of the CT on our Landes coasts and the launch of the Air Invitational, fans will have a taste of what awaits them. Chippa Wilson and Albee Layer will be demonstrating on September 6th at the Lemoore Surf Ranch Pro. They will be opposed to 2 surfers of the CT whose identity has not yet been revealed.