"A huge 60-meter belly glide... not safe at all! "That's how the surfer sums up this challenge on the Hawaii urban slide spot. But it's well known, Jamie O'Brien never stops in front of fear. He has shown for years that he is capable of meeting a great number of impossible challenges.

All these unusual feats are at the heart of its "Who Is Job" web series created in partnership with Red Bull.

Returning to the surfer's successful bet, he jumped several times before managing to hold on his board for almost the entire descent. This giant Slip N' Slide was important for the surfer because he had already made an attempt on the same one with his friend Poopies, eight years ago.

By the way, for his return, Sean "Poopies" McInerney was with him and he announced that it was "the craziest thing" he had ever done.

A little tip, surfing on the slide is at 7:21 in the video :