One more season. Kelly Slater, 46, 11-time world champion, announced Monday 2nd at the microphone of the World Surf League.

If a surfer has the gift to put others in the shade it is him... Only a few hours after Joel Parkinson announced that he wanted to end his career at Pipe next December, Kelly Slater decided to put him in the shade. Indeed, when questioned on WSL during the Corona Open J-Bay, Kelly dropped the little sentence that risks (unfortunately) relegating Parko's statement to second place.

"You know what? I too have an announcement to make... I'll be there in round two (laughs). More seriously, I think Parko's decision is the right one. I've been thinking about taking the same one for a long time. My plan now is to get back in shape for next April to start a new season. And the 2019 season will be my last."

A somewhat predictable announcement at a time when the American's season is on the edge of his teeth and undermined by his injuries. This morning, Kelly did not manage to get out of the first round at J-Bay and will have to face Jordy Smith for a second round of drafting which promises to be explosive.

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