We told you, Teahupo'o was monstrous last week! But this Monday July 2 really took the wave to a new dimension for the first time this season. According to the locals, it is the biggest swell on the Tahitian spot since 2015. If some have taken waves in tow-in, many have rowed them. This is the case of Tikanui Smith.

Questioned by Surfline, Tikanui confided on this impressive ride and this exit with the breath: "I was concentrated on the fact of taking the biggest wave with the oar. I didn't really think about it, I started thinking it was going to be a nice wave. I rowed as hard as I could and I managed this put... of drop to find myself in the biggest barrel of my life. Then the wave blew and I hung my rail thinking I was going to die (laughs). I couldn't see anything. Then I saw the light and claimed of course. My best wave at Teahupo'o." 

Video by Surfline

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