For once, Laurie Towner must be happy not to be in the water but rather well settled on a boat. While walking with his brother in Angourie, the surfer we recently saw loading Cloudbreak as rarely, fell on this whale carcass. What he was able to film afterward is impressive. Two great white sharks, as well as 2 tiger sharks, had a malicious pleasure to invite themselves to the buffet, and the images brought back are worthy of an animal documentary.

Located in the north of the state of New South Wales, only a hundred kilometers from Byron Bay, Angourie is a small paradise of deserted beaches and endless straight lines. A quiet and peaceful place, a paradise for surfers, local as those passing through. But as Laurie Towner himself says, the area is to be avoided for now. By the time this whale carcass is completely gone, and the sharks have finished their cleaning work.

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