After leaving the WSL Big Wave Tour calendar in 2016, like Punta de Lobos in Chile and Punta Galea in Spain, Pico Alto's spot in Peru will host another big surf contest this weekend. Pico Alto Internacional organisers have put the competition on green alert for Saturday 7 July.  The arrival of a strong swell from the south towards Punta Hermosa Bay promises the awakening of the legendary Peruvian wave.

The guest list for this international event includes Grant Twiggy Baker, Ramon Navarro, Cristian Merello, Damien Hobgood, Torrey Meister, Felipe Cesarano, Bradley Norris and Nahuel Amalfitano. Many local shippers are also expected such as Toto Romagne, Alexis Loret de Mola, Jaime Venegas, Miguel Tudela, Sebastian Correa, Gabriel Villaran, Jérôme Castagnetto, Jose Gomez, Joaquin del Castillo, Gustavo Reategui, Kodiak Semsch, Cristobal de Col, Carlos Mario Zapata, Joaquin locale Castagnetto, Luis Gómez de la Torre, Gustavo Swayne and Martín Jerí.

The last contest launched in Pico Alto dates back to 3 July 2014: the Hawaiian Makua Rothman won the Big Wave Tour World Title later that year.

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