Production of the Volkswagen electric combi van will start in a few months and will be available for purchase in Europe, the United States, and China in 2022. More than just an accessory, the Volkswagen van has left its mark on generations of surfers, hippies, and adventure lovers. If the first model had seen the light of day in 1965, the German brand had stopped production in 2013, whereas the combi had never been so successful until now.

Designed to have a maximum range of 300 miles (about 480 kilometers), Volkswagen's electric four-wheel drive combi van will charge in less than an hour, and emit "no CO2 emissions".

Its capacity will be eight seats, and as for the previous models, and all seats (except those of the driver and passenger) will be retractable. And if, despite all this space, you can't store your quiver, you can attach your boards to the roof bars. For the moment, the brand has not yet communicated on the price of this eco-friendly van.