While waiting for the finals in Tahiti, let's stay in the Polynesian atmosphere with one of the most beautiful views of the archipelago: the Teahupoo tube. The visits were usually reserved for surfers gifted and wealthy enough to be able to slip in, we appreciate here to benefit from a guided tour in virtual reality. 

With Ian Walsh as your guide, you are sure to be placed deep in the tube, even if you may prefer to mute your voice to really take your place on the wave. Teahupoo's video in virtual reality is not a first since CJ Hobgood had inaugurated it in 2015, and the duo Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet had delighted us last year. But it's always a pleasure to drag your mouse or rotate your phone 360 degrees to discover all the angles of the image. 

And in this version, the well thought slow-motion allows to really appreciate the sight, 
whereas in real time one would be in total apnea before reaching the pass. Good trip!