it's the next generation of Tahitian surfers. She who, in the future, will succeed Michel Bourez, the island's owner. What do they have in common? A carefree, a hallucinating technique for their young age and a courage worthy of the greatest warriors. When some learn to surf in the moss of an 80 cm beach break, others, on the other hand, grow only a few km from the jewel of the Pacific. Eimeo Czermak, Tikanui Smith, Matehau Tetopata, Kauli Vaast or the Drollet and Bourez brothers, all have in common their early success in taming one of the most dangerous waves on the planet. Guided tour with the owners. 

Add to that the pros who give you their advice to try to survive this session in turquoise water and you get an explosive video during which you will catch your breath only at the last second. 

Would you like a last piece of advice from Matehau Tetopata before diving? "Go straight ahead, don't turn around and don't look at the wave behind you." Easy to say...

Video by Red Bull and Stab

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