KFC is about the launch the most Australian merchandise collection ever … and it's for a good cause too.
This week, Kentucky Fried Chicken Australia launched a line of fried chicken-related apparel and accessories including surf wax that smells like the Colonel’s famous blend of 11 herbs and spices.

The ploy is all in an effort to raise funds for KFC Australia’s charitable arm, the KFC Youth Foundation. According to the company’s website, “The KFC Youth Foundation is our chance to help young Aussies beyond our restaurants. It’s our opportunity to give young people the skills and support they need to thrive in the world now and in the years beyond.”
The collection will be made up of eight items uniquely Australian and unmistakably KFC, and will include some Colonel inspired budgie smugglers, a KFC surfboard, and-in a global first-KFC scented Surf Wax. 
But back to the surf wax. Given the spate of recent shark attacks across Australia, it’s unclear how wax that smells like fried chicken will be received.

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