On september, 7th 2014 and the 48 hours that followed changed the life of Álvaro Vizcaíno, a 38-year-old businessman and surfer. Solo' is the film version of his story.

That day, as he walks to a spot in the dunes of Punta Paloma in Fuerteventura, he slips and falls into the void. He clings to the rocks and manages to hang himself but after a few minutes, his arms let go and he decides to let himself fall on the rocks while a wave covers them. It is with the pelvis and hip broken and serious hand injuries that he will remain at the foot of the cliffs without water or food, persuaded to stay there.

During these 48 hours, he finally accepted his death, until "a miracle" - in his words - happened. The suite is to be discovered in all Spanish venues on August 3rd.