Boards made from barrels from the famous whiskey brand Jack Daniel's, that's the original idea of the day! 

The American company created this unique board in collaboration with architect Alonso Valdizan, and the company The Perfect Gift as part of a new campaign. 

The barrels used to store the liquor are made of oak wood, the parts of which are dismantled to make these works of art, which are highly durable and resistant.

The barrels sent for the production of these boards must be cut beforehand by different machines to give them the most optimal shape. This curved wood must, therefore, be able to be combined with straight wooden boards, in order to be able to polish them later. It takes about a month for each prototype.

After many tests, they concluded that the best way to use these boards was by giving them a "retro fish" shape, which makes them easier to use, ideal for intermediate surfers. The objective of these creators is to show with these plates the importance of objects with little impact on the ecosystem. This is why the company now only uses natural materials in the manufacture of its boards, which have a much lower impact on the environment. These boards are not yet available for sale.


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