"It's certainly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life," enthused Diogo D'Orey, the director. That's how he describes the mysterious right that he was able to score with his Portuguese compatriot Antonio Silva during a recent trip somewhere. According to initial reports, it is not The Snake discovered by Mick Fanning, nor the wave discovered by Natxo Gonzalez more recently. At first glance, this wave would look more like an inverted Skeleton Bay. Yes, but where?

"I like to go out of crowded places where there are a lot of people. I like to go see what's behind it. I like to go in search of solitude. For the moment it looks like it's won.... After The Snake and Natxo's wave more recently, here is the perfect last wave discovery, which would like to remain secret as long as possible. If you can't surf it, watching it already makes you dream. It's a start. 

Video by Diogo D'orey (for Surfing)

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