The season of large waves is gradually beginning in the northern hemisphere, and once again this year, all eyes will be on Nazaré. And the first big wipeout of the season is to Tom Lowe's credit. The Englishman, a legend in big wave surfing, has decided to embark on a complicated wave in Nazaré. As the 34-year-old surfer tried to get away from the inside, he fell heavily. But the most difficult thing is often what happens next. Barely time to get to the surface when Tom gets a second wave on his head, the biggest of the series. A video that reminds us how cautious we will have to be this winter on the Nazaré side. 

Tom Lowe is not just anyone. He is one of the most experienced European surfers in terms of big waves. His reputation as a big slab hunter is well established and he is often observed on the Nazaré side loading without the help of a jet ski.

Video by Máquina Voadora

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