Everyone was waiting for him that day on Wednesday! A real nugget in the Waiting Period of the Quiksilver Pro, with this powerful 2m swell lifted by an offshore wind from morning to evening.

Of course, it made it possible to have a beautiful day of competition on the peak of Cul des Cul Nuls, but one kilometer down La Gravière was absolutely on fire! In the afternoon, with the tide coming in, huge series broke off like a beautiful day at La Nord, but the left ones rolled to the edge with beautiful tube sections.

And there, at the shorebreak, a band of hungry people was placed with only one objective: to rush into the biggest barrel possible before the wave exploded on the sand. Obviously at that time, if the line-up had a lot of amateur surfers, it was mostly full of professional surfers.

On the local side, we noticed Miky Picon, Joan Duru, Vincent Duvignac, Thomas Debierre, Marc Lacomare, Maxime Hucenot, Ramzy Boukhiam, Louis Poupinel... And of course the combo Fred Compagnon - Remi Arauzo who with their Duotao left on bombs before ending up in a spin in the shorebreak.
As for visiting pros like Jack Freestone, Josh Kerr, Sebastian Zietz or Keanu Asing, they are not about to forget this day of good fat without lycra!

Video by Ripitup 

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