WSL / Poullenot

After the end of the 2nd round this morning, the competition continued this afternoon with the 3rd round. An overview as the surprises continue to follow one another on a line-up that is still as complicated to decipher as ever. 
Filipe Toledo falls on a rock!

Huge feeling! The current leader of the general classification Filipe Toledo was taken out by a Ryan Callinan of the gala. Winner of Ericeira's QS 10,000 a few days ago, Ryan Callinan remains on his cloud. After having beaten Owen Wright in the previous round, the Australian did it again with Filipe Toledo's scalp. Yes, just that.

And the show was as good as the two men. Certainly the most beautiful heat of this competition for the moment. Filipe Toledo has even scored a 9, the most beautiful wave of the compet' to date. But that didn't discourage Ryan who kept pushing. He wins with a completely crazy total of 16.80 for 16.60 for Toledo. The suspense for the world title remains intact before attacking Portugal and then Hawaii!

Filipe Toledo: "Everyone is in the same boat. Ryan surfed very well. I'm going to keep training very hard. I'm going to go to Portugal tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I'm going to keep looking at the competency anyway with attention, even if I don't really want to. My head is already in Portugal". 

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