It was after a minute of silence for Pierre Agnès, in a brilliant (disturbing) mist and during which only the ocean was heard, that the Quik Pro 2018 in Hossegor launched its final... A fog that almost put off the last heat of this competition, but the two Australian finalists, Ryan Callinan, and Julian Wilson, rowed offshore to win the French title...

Ryan scored the first big score in the final: a wave with 4 maneuvers, he found a 6.83. Waves are difficult to find, water visibility on must be an additional complicating factor. We can only guess their movements with the spray of water that flies away against the light. The best visibility remains that of the drone...

"Fog Hold." The live feed is suspended.

After a few minutes of waiting, the final restarts. Wilson comes back strong with a perfectly plated look that allows him to get a 6.67. The two surfers engage in each wave, looking for sections to fly away. Strider's scoring the surfers, Ryan's in the lead.

Ryan responds with an excellent wave at 7.40 pts. It's a real duel that catches fire on the Naked Ass spot. Julian Wilson has not said his last word, and throws an absolutely perfect 360 air! He then scored 8.67 points and passed Callinan a few minutes before the end buzz... Ryan will have fought well, a rebound duel worthy of a real final, so Julian Wilson wins France!

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