Macy Callaghan

After final phases played in very nice conditions on the spot of Les Culs Nusus in Hossegor, it is finally XXX who wins the Roxy Pro France 2018!

Young Macy Callaghan was the first to draw in this final! She, who is not yet a full-time member of the World Tour, did not hesitate to take up the challenge. But Courtney Conlogue's answer was not long in coming: a magnificent wave rated 7.33! Enough to take the lead in this final and keep it until the end... Especially since Courtney didn't stop on such a good path since she demolished the second wave of scorers this time 7.43!

Under a beautiful Landes sun, and by 28 degrees, the public had answered present and they were not disappointed. After being injured for several months this year, Courtney Conlogue is gradually returning to her best level! She who has already marked her return with a success in California during the Vans Us Open Of Surfing! 13th in the world before this Roxy Pro event, Courtney will undoubtedly make another leap in the standings and take his place on the TC next year without having to benefit from wildcard injury. Solid!

Courtney Conlogue: "The conditions here are so difficult, a few minutes before the final I still didn't know which board I was going to surf. I have worked hard to get back to my best level. During the final, I just wanted to have fun. I really needed this win to re-qualify without the wildcard injury. Normally I should be on the tour next year (laughs) and I'm really happy about it! Thanks to all my French fans. They inspired me a lot during this competition. I really feel like the French know something about surfing and it's really inspiring. 

Earlier in the day, Courtney Conlogue had first eliminated Carissa Moore in the semi-finals. The Hawaiian finished third in this Roxy Pro, as did the Australian Bronte Macaulay, who posted the best performance of her season.

We remind you that the best French performance of this Roxy Pro goes to Johanne Defay, quarterfinalist. We will also remember the performance of the young Tahitian Vahine Fierro, who reached the 3rd round after defeating Caroline Marks. Pauline Ado was eliminated in the second round.

The girls now have an appointment for Beachwaver Maui Pro, from November 25 to December 6. The world title will be played there between Stephanie Gilmore and Lakey Peterson, both of whom were eliminated in Round 3 in France. The Australian is in a strong position as her rival is forced to win the Hawaiian stage and expect to be eliminated before the semi-finals in Gilmore. And even in this case, the two surfers would be tied on points and would then have to compete for a surf-off, a decisive series, to win the world title. Any other scenario would see Gilmore win his 7th world title.

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