A 360-degree swell, 5 different peaks and a wave every 6 seconds... It's probably the future of artificial waves! If Kelly's pool was a reference until a few days ago, she's just got quite old. The first images from Surf Lakes are completely crazy. Everything works (or almost), all that remains is to adjust a few last little details like making the wave a little bigger.

This is what emerges from the visit to Surf Lakes, located in Yeppoon, Queensland. 

- According to our colleagues in Stab, the construction would have cost $10 million.

- The energy cost of 6 waves is equal to that of a wave at Kelly's Surf Ranch. 

- The basin is 10 meters deep at its deepest point. 

- The initial project to launch a series of 6 waves has not yet been completed. The maximum, for now, is 3.

- Investors in more than 40 countries have shown interest in the project!

While the construction is far from complete and fully operational, the foretaste we had this week suggests that the place may be completely crazy in a few months. Press play to see for yourself. 

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