That's what's called an original idea! From October 3rd to 10th, Hurley invites you to come and share surprise sessions with the surfers of their team (according to their availability). 

Kai Lenny, Julian Wilson, Filipe Toledo, Michel Bourez, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Kolohe Andino, and Adrian Buchan... all of them could potentially find themselves next to you at the line up on the Hossegor side.

If you want to see a Toledo aerial from the line-up, chat with Julian Wilson or take advice from Michel Bourez to get the best out of a Landes barrel, it's possible!

There is no scheduled date as this will depend on the availability of surfers and the competition program. 

The sessions will be announced on the brand's social networks (Facebook and Instagram) about 2 hours beforehand, in order to keep a surprise effect. 

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