Kepa Acero puts it on the table, he's used to long journeys. According to Google Earth, the wave had all the potential to be a new Skeleton Bay. Even more so when the largest swell of the last 25 years was heading towards the small Indian island, which was difficult to access. Accustomed to the fact, Natxo Gonzalez, Kepa Acero and Aritz Aranburu took their courage with both hands and braved the Indian authorities to try to score what they thought was a perfect new wave. And despite the difficulty of the language, the hostility of the local authorities and many other obstacles, the Basque trio managed to get there.

The result was... surprising! A perfect wave from afar but in the end, far from perfect. Not to mention, unsurfaced. However, the trio will leave this trip with eye-popping images, with the bonus of a night under the stars.

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