The Vans Duct Tape Festival, a longboard competition created by Mr. Joel Tudor and now legendary, is preparing its 17th edition in China. But this year has something new in store: it will bring together for the first time on the same event longboarders and longboarders...

If a first Vans Duct Tape Festival for women had been organized a few months ago, it was on the other hand reserved for girls. This time China will welcome 16 male guests and 16 of the most stylish women longboarders in the world. Among them, two French women will be present: Victoria Vergara and Lola Mignot.
The competition will take place in Riyue Bay, where the first waves in Chinese history were surfed.

"Duct Tape will head to China for the very first time, on the island of Hainan to be precise, on November 10 and 11. For the first time in the history of Duct Tape, a female category will be on board at the same time as the boys. Duct Tape will encourage the 16 surfers in each category to demonstrate their style and creativity to Hainan," said Vans and Tudor.

While the equality of prize money was announced by WSL in September, the surfing world now seems never again to want to represent male and female surfers as equals.

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