It was not only in the Basque Country that it was big and beautiful last Saturday. In Nazaré, the shippers were able to get a taste of what awaits them this season. The Portuguese giant has woken up to offer the biggest session of the season. The forecast was for waves between 7 and 9 metres. Add to that a rather calm wind and the Nazaré canyon did the rest.

With the gladiators Justine Dupont of France of course, but also Garrett McNamara, Rodrigo Koxa, Andrew "Cotty" Cotton, Nuno Santos Diaz, Sebastian Steudtner, Sergio Cosmico, Alessandro Marciano, Toby Cunningham, Francisco Porcella, David Langer, Lucas Chumbo, Carlos Burle, Will Scooten, Ian Cosenza, Trevor Carlson and Alemao de Maresias.

Video by JacuzziSurfer

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