YAS! Mavericks roared! We must admit that between Nazare, but especially Jaws last week, the big Californian wave passed out of our radar.... However, Justine Dupont had left some things there during her trip to Jaws. And the Frenchwoman was planning to stop at Mavericks on the way back to score a big swell expected. That was before she was injured in a memorable Jaws Challenge. But if the Frenchwoman was absent from the line-up, it was far from empty... Pete Mel in the lead, the loaders enjoyed themselves for this first big swell of the season. 

With the Nazare Challenge and the Jaws Challenge, Mavericks remains the last of the 3 stages of the Big Wave Tour. If no call has been announced so far, the beautiful Californian, jealous of her European and Hawaiian friends, has also shown what she is capable of; But we knew that... Looking forward to seeing more. 

>> Video by Derek Dunfee

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