You've been thinking about surfing for a while now? Here are 5 things to know before you go for the waves.

Surfing is an extreme sport and requires a lot of preparation beforehand. It is indeed a practice that is not suitable for all audiences. Many requirements are required from someone who wants to start surfing: a regular physical interview, a mental steel and especially a learning of safety measures and behaviours to adopt. In other words, there are many things to know before you learn to surf. To guide you, here are 5 things to know before you start this extreme sport.

1. Have a strong mind before learning to surf

One thing is for sure: learning to surf is very long. The feeling of surfing the wave will not be felt immediately, so patience will be required. This requires a lot of self-sacrifice and above all a strong mind. When you start out, you make many mistakes and find yourself facing a lot of disappointments. If you don't have a strong morale and are not ready to face huge efforts to progress, then this sport is not for you. If you are psychologically ready for a sometimes erratic start, then you are ready to get started. Know that you always learn from your mistakes and that you shouldn't lose hope if you have trouble succeeding at first. Even the greatest champions have gone through this stage.

2. Be informed of the spots and their difficulties

Before you learn to surf, you need to be informed about the spots closest to you. To avoid practicing in a spot where the difficulty is not adapted to your beginner level, it is necessary to find out about the places corresponding to your skills. Choosing a location that is too difficult involves risks to your safety and can permanently disgust you with the practice. There are many spots in France and around the world. Each of them has its own characteristics and level of difficulty.

3. Knowing how to be patient

Surfing is not an activity that is done when you want, where you want. Before you start, you should know that you will not be able to practice every day: it depends on the season, the tides (low, falling, high) and the locality. If you are an addict to extreme sports, you should know that this activity is also enjoyed for its rarity. If you want to surf as often as possible, you will have to put your hand in your wallet to go to other countries where the spots are available in all seasons. Otherwise, you will have to be patient: the pleasure of surfing the wave will only increase tenfold.

4. Talk regularly and prepare months in advance

Surfing also requires regular sports training. This discipline requires flexibility, strength and balance. You can only take full advantage of it if you have prepared physically months in advance. Surfers will explain that they run and train at the pool several times a week. It is indeed essential to work on your cardio, because surfing requires a lot of endurance to be fully appreciated. It is therefore a lifestyle to be understood by accepting to be demanding with one's own body.

5. Know the basic rules

Finally, a good beginner surfer is an experienced surfer. Before you learn to surf in itself, you should be aware of some rules that are essential for your safety and that of others. Thus, you must know the basic equipment needed to wear during practice. You should also know that you do not surf in swimming areas, that there is only one surfer per wave, and that you must always remain vigilant. Surfing is a high-risk sport. Also develop good habits, such as systematically warming up before you hit the wave. 

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