The monster is two and a half tons in weight and 6 meters long, and would simply be the largest white shark in the world. Its characteristic marks suggest that it is indeed a "Deep Blue" specimen well known to the community of marine biologists and animal documentary fans.

It was spotted in mid-January on the south coast of Oahu, where other sharks were feasting on the carcass of a sperm whale. The One Ocean Diving diving team attending the show noticed this when the shark came to rub against their boat. While many would have taken this as a signal that it was time to go home, Ocean Ramsey decided to jump into the water for a small photo and guili-guili session with the great white shark.

A controversy followed, with biologist David Shiffman considering that these were scenes of harassment against the animal. He even believes that "this does not show that sharks are harmless, but that humans do not always make the right choices". The diver justified herself by saying that sharks seek contact, that caresses do not hurt them, and that if they did not like it, they could very easily get the message across...

Hawaiian surfers will still be advised not to test Deep Blue's patience too much if they see her on a spot in the archipelago!

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