It's a rare surf trip. One of those we only see very rarely. And for good reason, few surfers are bold enough to venture into such a wild and hostile place. If when you arrive in Indonesia you know what to expect, this is absolutely not the case when you set foot in Alaska. Except that it will be cold and that the (rare) sessions will be deserved. 

Aboard the Milo, a ship built in 1966, a crew of 4 people ready for anything to enjoy unique images and special moments with Mother Nature. A team that dives head first in an environment that is both icy and beautiful. An environment where the days are short and the launching is often difficult! Here, it is not the rocks you have to face before you jump into the water but the icebergs. The experience is unique. 
"We spent time exploring the shores, frozen rivers and glaciers in search of eagles, coyotes and killer whales. Kelly even managed to "surf" a small wave of glacier. Waves can reach 3 metres when large blocks burst and you must absolutely avoid floating ice because it is stronger than any rock. Tim and I rowed in front of the glacier and sat on a floating block of ice, patiently waiting for a big bang. We saw some of them but in the end, only a few waves too small to surf were recorded.

>> Video by Ben Herrgott (The Inertia)

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