2018 was an incredible year. If some vintages are more or less good, the one we have just experienced will remain in the history books. First of all because there was this historic session in Jaws during which Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper & co did not fail to do the show. A session that seems to have pushed the boundaries of what was thought feasible. Thank you, Kai!

Then, in a completely different register, Matt Meola and Albee Layer propelled the air into another dimension by replacing figures that no one thought possible in surfing. But let's not forget either the first "real" barrel in Nazaré. It is the work of the Basque Natxo Gonzalez. A wave that will make history. 

And what about Koa Smith's in Skeleton... Perhaps the most beautiful ever recorded on video! 8 barrels and more than a kilometer covered... No, we've never seen that before. Waiting to see what 2019 has in store for us, the last wink at the year we have just experienced. Before we definitively turn the page. 

#1 Koa Smith | Skeleton Bay
Filmed by Chris Rogers

#2 Kai Lenny | Pe'ahi
Filmed by Ryan Johnson

#3 Ramon Navarro | Cloudbreak
Filmed by Taylor Curran

#4 Noa Deane | North Point, Western Australia
Filmed by Mikey Mallalieu

#5 Albee Layer | Maui
Filmed by Dan Norkunas

#6 Naxto Gonzalez | Nazaré
Filmed by Jon Aspuru

#7 Cam Richards | Pipeline
Filmed by Nate Leal

#8 Matt Meola | Maui
Filmed by Dan Norkunas

#9 Grant "Twiggy" Baker | Pe'ahi
Filmed by WSL

#10 Billy Kemper | Pe'ahi
Filmed by WSL

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