Earlier this winter, the loader duo Rob Kelly and Stevie Pittman headed to Ireland to try to score a big swell announced. And what they found exceeded all expectations. Because even if in Ireland in winter the days are short and the weather unpredictable, the team was able to score 2 very strong swells. 

After connecting with local shippers including Gearoid McDaid, the crew attacked deep, dark and unwelcoming barrels. Ask Rob Kelly who almost broke his back after a heavy wipeout (3min13). In their defense, surfing in a full suit (5/4), with gloves, hood and slippers requires much more physical effort and technically it is also more complicated. But the reward is there. 

Press play for this last episode of Numbskulls. With Rob Kelly, Stevie Pittman, Gearoid McDaid, Conor Maguire, Noah Lane, Seamus McGoldrick and Josh Redman.

>> Video by Ryan Simalchik 

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