Try this fitness exercises for your surfing and pre-surfing workouts.
Remember that you could improve 30% of your surfing fitness if you simply add two workout sessions, twice a week, at home or in your local gym.
Surfing is a very complete sport. It requires swimming skills, sense of balance, decision making and constant muscle interactions.
Before hitting waves, try these physical warm up fitness schemes to avoid injuries:
1. Go for a light jogging for four minutes. Your body will start engines and increase your heart rate, breathing and blood circulation.
2. Swing your legs and arms.
3. Slowly try to reach your fingers to your feet.
4. Swing your leg backward and forwards.
5. Stretch your leg muscles.
6. Rotate your head and neck.
7. Gently rotate your heel to exercise the whole foot articulation.
8. Inhale deeply and exhale vigorously a few times.
9. Make very quick and short runs back and forth.
10. Elevate your arms and join the palm of your hand above your head, as higher as you can.
Now, you’re ready to hit the surf.
Print these 10 surfing warm-up tips and keep it next to your surfboard.

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