The small Australian paradise of Byron Bay is shaken by a shark attack this morning.
At 6:40 am, Sam Edwards was just starting his session in Belongil Beach when a shark came to hit him, leaving a few teeth in his board, but mostly a big bite in his thigh.

His buddy Dane Davidson tells the story of the great movement of water, the screams, the blood, and the piece of board that floats after the attack... With other surfers, they brought the victim back to the beach in a state of shock and made a tourniquet with leashes.

The 41-year-old man was then evacuated to the Gold Coast University hospital where his operation is scheduled to last several hours.

A surfer thinks he recognized the fin of a juvenile white shark, but scientists will now study the bite to really find out what type of Edwards shark it was.

Byron Bay authorities have decided to close the beaches for 24 hours. 

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