The Carpentier brothers and their team, continue their SUP Trip in Morocco before leaving for Hawaii. This time they arrived in Dakhla, a Moroccan surfing paradise...

End of the trip to Dakhla for the Carpentier with the return to Brittany for some and the imminent departure to Hawaii for Pierre & Benoit. On the occasion of the latter, zoom article on Lassarga, an essential spot if you go to this part of Western Sahara in an overftrip...

For "water addict" and in particular surfers, the Dakhla area is a small paradise. So zoom in on this first spot which will delight from beginner to expert: go for it if you go there...

N° 1: Lassarga - Perfection

It's THE wave that makes you dream. For a very long time prohibited from access because it is located in a military & protected area, it is now accessible thanks to the Vagabond Dakhla Lassarga Ocean project (Cf. article 1).

Location: At the extreme south of the Dakhla peninsula 
Type of wave: Sandy Pointbreak that unfolds to the right

It works when: Requires a swell as far west as possible, northwest with the period it also generally works. If the swell is too northerly generally it's flat. The wave holds the size but as on many pointbreaks, attention more is bigger the more there is current!

Tide: All tides, quality of the wave which depends on the evolution of the sandbanks, the size of the waves. It is a constantly changing spot like any wave that unfolds on a sandy bottom.

Wind: The wind from the North is offshore, the wind from the East is sideshore, the wave is then generally very "chopy".

Frequency: Having waves of surfer's size or larger requires a swell with period and as far west as possible, which does not correspond to the prevailing swells. For example, during our two weeks on site, if we surfed the wave every day, it exceeded shoulder height by only 3 or 4 days.

For: all levels. To surf it over its entire length (more than 500m) you must be able to take speed measurements to pass certain faster sections. Be careful with the current when there is size.

Attendance: Rather little frequented because in a protected area, direct access for people living in Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Lassarga, for others it is necessary to walk a little while to get into the water. The length of the wave means that even with a few people in the water, everyone can benefit (sometimes more than 5 minutes on foot to follow the wave to the
beginning of the pointbreak).

Additional information: You can eat with a view of the spot at Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Lassarga (175 Dirhams per person when we were there, approximately 16 euros): starter, main course, and absolutely exquisite dessert. Meal prepared by Yacine, one of the best chefs in North Africa without a doubt possible. A varied and hearty meal for all tastes!

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