It is South Korea's turn to build its wave pool. It will take place on the equally artificial Turtle Island in Siheung, near Seoul. The objective is "to import surfing and beach culture to South Korea", according to Fernando Odriozola, sales manager of the Wavegarden company. A contract signed between the Spanish company Wavegarden and Daewon Plus Construction ensures the feasibility of the project. The entire complex will cost a total of 2.1 billion euros, just that! An opening to the public planned for 2020 that thousands of people are waiting for.

The Wavegarden The Cove system can produce about 1000 waves per hour and has different spaces for surfers. Not only that, but the island would also allow you to practice other water sports such as kayaking and SUP, to find accommodation or to give conferences. Wave pool projects are flourishing all over the world, a subject that divides the surfing planet. And it's not about to stop...

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