10 months ago, a surf trip was planned in the Fiji Islands archipelago on the famous left of Cloudbreak. A wave located off the island of Tavarua and reserved for the surfing elite. Andrew Jacobson was part of the game, chaining barrels to barrels.

The waves follow one another and are similar for the Californian surfer who does not hesitate to settle deep under his lip to make the pleasure last. Until the moment a late take off goes wrong. "There are 3 sections on the Cloudbreak reef, and I was in the middle when I realized I was too late. » 

The lip takes him, lifts him up and he is therefore forced to jump off his board, arriving with both feet on the reef. Directly he feels that something is going wrong and that something is not right. Once the head is out of the water, it is time to observe the damage. A knee dislocated from the back (beware of shocking images), feet cut off by the reef and the board on the head, the Fijian wave did not spare him. 

Mitch Parko, Jake Kelley and Frankie Harrier are also at the line up and immediately place him in a boat. Fortunately for him, Mario Quiros, a doctor, is on board. He managed to get his knee back in line. From that moment on, 40 long minutes of suffering before arriving at the port and being taken to the hospital. A few hours later, Andrew was on a plane to Los Angeles. 

10 months later, Andrew Jacobson is in rehabilitation. Thanks to the care provided directly on the boat and Laird Hamilton's advice on choosing a doctor in L.A., the surfer will be able to get on a board and return to surf the waves of the planet.

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