"Only in Australia" was thought of when reading the story of this surfing session turning into a fishing trip. It was on the spot of Duranbah, one of the most famous in New South Wales, that the scene took place on February 10. 

Nicholas Smith was enjoying the day's waves when he found himself surrounded by about ten dolphins. Nicholas realized they were chasing a school of fish, and decided to take the opportunity with his hands.

"I put my hand in the water and caught this tuna by the tail with my bare hands. He must have weighed about eight kilos," he told the Gold Coast Bulletin. The dolphins then tried to recover their prey, leaving other surfers to believe that Smith was being attacked by sharks. But the surfer held on, and managed to keep the dolphins away as he took one last wave to get back to shore.

Once his session was over, Nicholas went home, and took out the chilli pepper and olive oil to make a small sashimi of oriental tuna.... 
Enjoy your meal, and long live Australia!     

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