Sancho often gets us used to the heavy stuff. Everyone remembers the last video of the Billabong surfer in Hossegor during an XXL session with Miky Picon. A video viewed thousands of times on the web, in France and around the world. 
This time, Benjamin Sanchis returns with this big bomb filmed by Alex Lesbats in the Canary Islands. In recent weeks, Sancho has been hunting an XXL swell near Lanzarote. And after several long days of waiting, the long-awaited video is finally available. As expected, it was beautiful and it was (very) big, especially on this right that we are not used to seeing so big. The kind of session that 99% of us prefer to see behind a screen. While letting Sancho do the show.

"It's still a good day." For that, we want to believe him. 

>> Filmed & edited by Alex Lesbats